Premium Ohio Wine Jelly, Gourmet Pepper Jelly,
Ohio Artisan Beer Jelly, Spiked Jam
 & All Natural Fruit Jam 

Proudly made in Ashtabula County, the heart of Ohio's wine country.

Proudly made in Ashtabula County, the heart of Ohio's wine country!

We are currently in the process of changing our labels and will be updating our product's pictures soon!

Non-GMO pectin is now used in all our jellies and jams!


It's finally spring!!! We could use a few more exclamation points for that one, but even more we're looking forward to some warmer days and enjoying the sunshine!

Try our wine jellies in thumbprint cookies (we like to call them grown-up cookies) . Our pepper jellies are an easy appetizer when served over cream cheese or use as a glaze with meatballs or cocktail weiners. Beer jellies are great with meat and crackers, or put on french bread spread with butter, jelly, and topped with a mild cheese and put under the broiler. 

We get so many compliments on the taste of our jellies and we know it's because we use premium products, pure cane sugar, non-GMO pectin and don't use any additives or preservatives in our jellies.  We're proud to use exclusively Ohio award winning wines and the wonderful artisan beers of our great state! And our fruit jams are packed with seasonal flavor as we don't use any water and use the fresh fruit of our area!

Visit our Shows & Retail Locations page for a list of shows we are participating in. We'd love to meet you & it's a great way to sample our jellies! 

We're sure you'll love our premium jellies and jams!

Terri & Vi (aka the jelly ladies)