Premium Ohio Wine Jelly, Gourmet Pepper Jelly,
Ohio Artisan Beer Jelly, Spiked Jam
 & All Natural Fruit Jam 

Proudly made in Ashtabula County, the heart of Ohio's wine country.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is wine jelly really made from wine?     Yes!

Is wine jelly alcoholic?     The jelly has to be boiled twice during the jelly making process. Any residual amount left is       minimal and therefore the jelly is considered a non-alcoholic food.

How do you use wine jelly?

  1. with cream cheese and crackers or bagels
  2. over warm brie wrapped in pastry
  3. in jelly filled cookies (like thumbprint cookies)
  4. as a glaze over seared sea scallops
  5. premium peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (great for cocktail sandwiches)
  6. as a wine jelly sauce over roasted duck
  7. dip for pretzels
  8. anything else you put jelly in

Why does one of my wine jellies have some liquid in it?     We don't use any stabilizers in our jelly, just wine, sugar, pectin, and lemon juice. We want it as natural as possible. If you look closely, you'll see it's still a gel- it pulls away from the jar. It is perfectly fine and you can use the little bit of liquid in some yogurt or over some ice cream!

How do you use pepper jelly? 

  •      mix in or serve over cream cheese and use with crackers
  •      as a condiment on lunch meat sandwiches or hot dogs
  •      in baked beans
  •      in deviled eggs or scrambled eggs
  •      in meatballs or over meat loaf
  •      anywhere you want to add a little zip!

What do you do with beer jelly?

  • use as a glaze 
  • in marinades
  • with meat, cheese, and crackers
  • serve with beer bread or any other bread of choice




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